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A lifelong art

The Concept

I started the HUMAN Project in 2000, when I was 24, aiming to build-up the architecture of a world. I chose accurately the phases and the general functional details to be followed. I attached to each sequence a role, the constitutive elements and the determinations within the assembly. The 24 biennial stages of the Project are meant to be carried on until I’ll be 70, though the mechanism has the due resources to make it function and develop even after my biological death.

The survey of the HUMAN Project highlights two main components:

1. The prerequisite – HOMAGE TO HELPLESSNESS – is made of a series of displays able to identify and “illustrate”, through successive proofs, man’s constant regressive tendency to motivate his inner spirit, both as collective and individual phenomenon.

The spirit, qua main inductor, loses a part of its capacity of excitation due to the compulsive assembly of prevailingly superficial stimuli a society generates cyclically. The daily inhibitors of reflexive and cognitive potency, coming from (and being inside) the dehumanising-dust waves, destabilise the human complex.

2. The (utopian) conclusion – THE HOMODROME – imposes the building-up of a human-correction mega-aggregate (i.e. the setting up the Institute of Corrective Research).

The HUMAN Project’s architecture suggests the upholder two levels of understanding: a formal, visual-artistic one and a deductive, projective-speculative one, which is almost deprived of handcrafted modulation. I chose the moment when I extracted myself from the formal and passed beyond sensation / emotion, toward aspiration. Any project lacking emotion becomes “a-motional”; it comes off its “taste” shortcomings and stops reflecting it in one or more mirrors – it becomes self-sufficient. It looks no longer for permanent, circumstantially-fluctuant references, but becomes a standard and an invariable, even fix indicator.

I don’t think I’d ever require to confess the assumed existential irony flowing through the veins of the Project, without which it were be probably placed in the vicinity of some institutions highly specialised in monitoring neuronal activities.

What made me start building-up such a sophisticated organism was the need to offer the world a token of consistency and stability. I dared approach a route which many people (acting mainly in the arts) could seem frozen, rigorous or too linear. To start something that cannot be changed en route, something that takes up one’s almost whole so-called biological existence, seems a heavy chain bearing too many locks trailed along one’s life. The conceptual dimension of the Project exceeds any doubts or plausible difficulties.

The Plan

So let’s begin with the epilogue. In the end, the HUMAN Project will make up a Codex.

THE HOMODROME shall not leave the utopian level. I presume extreme utopia stands for a perfectly functional assembly of components, which is unable to become operational. Consequently, certain elements will be truncated and multi-codified.

If the premise title – HOMAGE TO HELPLESSNESS – renders the founding (assumed oppressive) note, the conclusion – THE HOMODROME – strives after a zone the history of humanity has often perceived as threatening, namely, correction. The advantage brought by the Project at correction level is the fact that, compared to previous systems, it neither starts from corrector’s triumph upon the corrected, nor expresses the awareness of the corrected once the correction is implemented. THE HOMODROME is a complex aggregate able to operate at a different level from the blunt, impulsive one. With a structure made of an above-ground part and underground elements, THE HOMODROME, unlike explosive corrections, activates subliminally: it “smoulders”.

The rapport is reversed: the corrector installs in corrector’s existential plane and, together with the subject / subjects, reflects the demarche from a HUMAN level. The predominant euphoric perspective disappears, and confrontation, punishment, totalitary imposition, etc. are concomittantly left out. A “in-the-corner” correction takes place. Any developing  phenomenon, which implies directly and especially consciously the individual, acquires an uncontrolled, chaotic vibration. The human complex “twitters”, affecting the environment. I try to expell from the corrective equation this type of reaction. The subtle correction becomes imperceptible, it does not generate oscillations at individual or society level. The Institute of Corrective Researches has an essential role in HOMODROME achievement.


2000 – 1st stage – HUMAN

2002 – 2nd stage – The Decay

2004 – 3rd stage – Nil Medium Est

2006 – 4th stage – Everywhere is Nowhere

2008 – 5rd stage – PreTraumatic area

2010 – 6th stage – Traumatic Area

2012 – 7rd stage – PostTraumatic Area

2014 – 8rd stage – Laboratory

2016 – 9rd stage – Nobody’s War

2018 – 10rd stage – The Happiness Recipe


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A unique idea

Everybody would like to have my complex and utopian mind, but nobody shall be comfortable with the burden of this lifestyle. So enjoy watching and stay at the legal distance.

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