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And Then… – STAGE 11

“And Then …” is the infinite and echoless particle of humanity. It’s cold, dry and pragmatic. It attaches, without parasitism, to almost any situation. It has either too many sequels, or none at all. It is, without pretensions, a theory of the end, which does not require demonstrations, but only hypotheses. It also includes what you expect and what you hope for and what you don’t know. Sometimes it takes on the appearance of hope, other times of disappointment and capitulation. 

The 11th stage was spatially designed in three variants: for a cylindrical placement, a rectangular one or a performative external variant. The second item was developed at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest (the 4th floor), by using the four drawing rolls, each ten meters long, like Asian scrolls, of which you sometimes perceive only fragments.

The monumental “small humans” in contorted poses, strung along a string, each marked with a different kind of signs / tattoos, show themselves in front of the projective effort, often useless, in the desire to compose alone what follows. Their facies with exposed teeth is somehow untranslatable, being able to externalise the trace of effort, a strange smile, a grin, or a hideous grimace at some point in life.

As a perspective reflection, the installation “And then…” contains three other central cubicles, which proportionally reduce the humanoid imprint, on the wall, at the level of a pattern. Place on each geometric shape in a new configuration – concentric circles, curved linear fragments, pseudo rectangular shapes, these little men will be at the origin of the concept of Heavy Human Jewelry (HBJ). An inscription, each time a different compound is found on each cubicle – “There will always be an empty space at the end of the rope”.

The series of Human Burdens Jewelry – HBJ is a part of the HUMAN Project by Ciprian Paleologu and consists in a concept developed at the border between the 11th and 12th stage ( from 24 ).

This kind of object is a conceptual jewelry made from polymer clay and steel wire, each pieces handmade produced. In this moment, three type of jewelry are available: ring, necklace and bracelet. It represents a small human being figure on a rope (as the one presented in the 11th stage of the HUMAN Project, exhibited at The National Museum of Contemporary Art from Bucharest/ Romania). Each jewelry comes with a contract/ certificate between the producer and the receiver, made like a folding drawing object on skin/vellum. This contract will remain in the possession of Ciprian Paleologu, and a copy shall be send to the new burdens jewelry’s owner.

In order to receive one Human Burdens Jewelry – HBJ you have to give up, in exchange,  one day of your life. You can send an order to email address. 

This day will become the property of Ciprian Paleologu and his HUMAN Project and can be used by the new owner in any ways, terms and purposes as he considers .


The HUMAN Project


Ciprian Paleologu