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Everywhere is Nowhere – Stage 4

Contradiction of terms in the title seems bipolarized. “Everywhere is nowhere” is, in fact, the place of intersection of two major components of human existence: the absolute confessed through aspiration and the boundless of absence lacking any support. The two notions fuse by the word “is”. In the context, the paradigm of the verb “to be” stands for the link able to unite/superpose/sum up two states of mind which deepen the sentiment of human helplessness. The borderline perceived by the individual acquires the aspect of a camp deprived of barbed wire. The display was thought in such a way that the upholder could feel, in any moment, the oppressive sensation of captive’s perpetual insecurity.

Going through the three successive spaces of the gallery looks like a simili-initiation. The upholder passes beside men unable to grip (armless colossi) – the “chilly” souvenirs of those who cannot keep anything in mind; he further gets up the stairs of the living and non-living in view to cross beast’s split chest – which reveals the grey hammerers – and finally see the drawings.

Although, in every moment of visualization, the “expressivity” of the elements in the discourse inspires, the general sensation of oppression is not in the least aggressive.

The exhibition was displayed at Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.


The HUMAN Project


Ciprian Paleologu