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Nil Medium Est – Stage 3

The primary aim of intermittent visual signs (of the components) making up the premise of the HUMAN Project is to cultivate permanently the warning sensation and activate the feeling of incertitude both at individual and at collective level.

Intention of the maxim Nil medium est is to articulate sequentially and serially five Latin tokens (Latin being a “dead” language), among whom one is obsessively repeated: “There is no middle way.” 

In the exhibition hall, the affirmations have to be approached in the following trigonometric direction:

1. Nil medium est (“There is no middle way”)

2. Ad perpetuam rei memoriam (“For the perpetual remembrance of the thing”)

3. Cui bono? (“To whose benefit?”)

4. Usque ad finem (“To the very end”)

5. Nil medium est

6. Ab absurdo (“From absurdity”)

7. Nil medium est

The affirmation “There is no middle way” means to assume man’s helplessness in the typical easy and comfortable way the damned collectivities capitulate unconditionally, apparently irreversibly, due to acceleration of their deep inner degradation.

The verb “to exist” is a circumstantial neighbour of “to parasitize”, “to mimic”, “to destroy”, “to reject”, etc. Negation inside the title does not show only direction, but it updates in real time a latent permanent function of the HUMAN complex.

The whole arrangement of elements in this stage offers more perspective keys able to codify a space for which the observer becomes a reference.

The exhibition was displayed at Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.


The HUMAN Project


Ciprian Paleologu