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The Decay – stage 2

Human capacity’s gradual and assisted requirement to rediscover one’s self can be first achieved by appealing to the visual perception directed toward a developing corrective assembly. The assembly has to stir a certain curiosity, but also prudence, the rapport of the two features varying from one individual to another: curiosity, a sound human characteristic, is closely followed by prudence; and prudence results by adding visual perception to imagination and to the subtle memory. Divided into two interactive zones – announcement and statement –, the second stage of the Project observes the sympathetic principle in which the fellowman strives after the fellowman. The stake consists in adapting one’s sensibility to the visual conditions imposed by the plastic representations the statement suggests, but also in the contemplative summing-up of the references included in the announcement.

The statement zone is conceived of three main elements: the decayed man, the falling man and the poly-dimensional little man / the disfigured humanoid. The decayed man and the falling man make up a constructive form of association (even if, apparently, the connotation of these terms is negative). The coherent correlation of the opposite-sign forces generates a third category: the poly-dimensional little man. (Later on, within the HOMODROME, this one makes up the human filters.)

The announcement zone was made out of project drawings.

The exhibition was displayed at Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, Romania


The HUMAN Project


Ciprian Paleologu