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The Happiness Recipe – Stage 10

The wish of 24/24 endless delivery happiness, moulded on a specialised society in existential fakes, is one of the most powerful contemporary social viruses. Humanity creates scripts, occasions, special contexts in order to produce conventional happiness. People are mad on living unique happy things, but in the end they copy/paste the same commonplace. The irony is the most sharpest knife which should cut through this colourful ballon, where most of us are floating without safety measures. 

“The Happiness Recipe” stage opens a series of “Happy Days” (labor, food, relax, building, sport, erotic, chaos) full of details, where you can loose or find yourself in. It reveals a period of seven days, the most common for any human. This series can be infinitely replicated by the viewer on demand.

The exhibition was displayed at LABORNA Gallery, Bucharest, Romania.


The HUMAN Project


Ciprian Paleologu